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Developing Your Own Asset Pack


Before starting:

  1. Ensure you've set up your project as outlined in Setting Up Unreal Engine.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Package Guide to grasp key concepts referenced in this guide.

Creating an Asset Pack

  1. Navigate to Asset -> New Asset Pack.


  2. In the pop-up window:

    • Select BaseTemplate.
    • Name your asset pack (For naming, it's recommended to use kebab-case like asset-pack, avoiding numbers or symbols for clarity. This is because kebab-case is used as the reference package in scripts).
    • Click on Create Mod.


Importing Assets

  1. Make sure to place all assets you develop or import within the Plugin Content folder you've created (Plugins/MyAwesomePack Content/). While you're free to create sub-folders to better organize your files, they all need to be housed within this main folder.

  2. Assets like FBX meshes or WAV sounds can be easily added by dragging and dropping them directly from your computer into the respective folder.


Publishing the Asset Pack

  1. Once you've finalized your asset pack, go to Asset -> Publish Asset -> Asset Pack Name.

  2. Studio will then cook and upload your asset pack to the server.