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Basic HUD (Canvas)

How to add a basic HUD using Render's Canvas features, to display the character's Health and Ammo character's Health and Ammo

Basic HUD (HTML)

How to add a basic HUD using HTML + JavaScript + CSS to display the character’s Health and Ammo based on CS:GO HUD

Discord Integration

How to use HELIX Discord methods to create a nice integration for your server


How to create a simple and automatic door when Characters move in

Entity Values

How to store data in Entities accessible from anywhere


How to create a Firework-shooter weapon using the Fireworks Particle Effects Asset Pack from our Vault!

Gravity Gun

How to create a simple Gravity Gun to move Props around

Monster Truck

How to create a Monster Truck using the Vehicle system

Painting Meshes

How to use the new Material customization methods available to use

Persistent Data

How to store and retrieve persistent data from disk using the built-in system

Play as Prop

How to simulate a Prop possessing using a Character. This can be used for Prop Hunt game-modes!

Prop Rain

How to create a rain effect with Props (boxes) falling from sky once a Character enters a Trigger

Prop Shooter

This sample code modifies a Weapon to make it shoot Props instead of normal bullets

Quick Start

Start your Server and first Package in under 10 minutes!

Weapon Flashlight

This sample code attaches a Light to a Weapon to make a Flashlight attachment.

Weapon Scope

This sample code shows how to attach custom sights meshes into a Weapon and work as real scopes.


Class for spawning a web browser in the screen


Class for spawning Unreal Widgets in the screen

X-Ray & Highlight

This sample code shows how to set Actors to be highlighted when behind walls, or always highlighted!