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Discord Integration

How to use HELIX Discord methods to create a nice integration for your server.

Integrating your server with Discord is really easy! We provide a built-in integration which is ready to use, but you can also add your own Discord Application ID and use your own application!

Updating the Player Discord Activity (Rich Presence)

We made the process very simple, we have one method for changing the Player's Activity:

local state = "Working as Truck Driver"
local details = "Awesome Roleplay"
local large_text = "Honk!"
local large_image = "my-large-image"

Client.SetDiscordActivity(state, details, large_image, large_text)

How it will look like


You can use your own Application ID to upload your own Images!

Using your own Application ID

Using your own Application ID brings the advantage of being able to configure it the way you want, and even uploading your own images to be displayed in the Rich Presence.

How it will look like

Initializing your own Application ID is extremely easy, just execute the following code on the Client side:


And you are done! Now you can use the Client.SetDiscordActivity()method!