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Persistent Data

How to store and retrieve persistent data from disk using the built-in system.

In HELIX it is possible to store and retrieve data from disk with simple functions.


It is possible to store Persistent Data in both Client and Server!

File Format

The persistent data is automatically stored in the TOML format in the file PersistentData.toml inside your Package/ folder. This file is only created if you call Package.SetPersistentData().

Storing and Retrieving data

All PersistentData files are loaded automatically when the Package loads and stored in memory. You can easily access the whole file with Package.GetPersistentData() method.

For storing data you will need to pass a key value, which will store any lua value in that key.


local my_table = {
my_id = 123,
my_data_02 = "data"

Package.SetPersistentData("awesome_table", my_table)

-- PersistentData.toml will be:
-- awesome_table = {my_id = 123, my_data_02 = "data"}
local my_table = Package.GetPersistentData().awesome_table


-- Will print:
-- 123