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Server Installation

Creating servers in HELIX is very simple and straightforward, just a few steps and you have your server up and ready!

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows or Linux
  • Processor: 1.0 GHz (faster core is better than multiple cores)
  • Memory: 50 MB (grows if having too many Players or spawned Entities)
  • Storage: 10 MB (+ Assets & Packages size)
  • Network: Recommended at least 1 MB/s (grows if having too many Players or spawned Entities)
  • Network Forwarded Ports: 7777 TCP/UDP and 7778 UDP (you can change that in the Config)


You have two options for downloading HELIX server:

  1. Use the executable (.exe) already located at HELIX/Server/HELIXGameServer.exe (if you downloaded the base game).
  2. Download HELIXGameServer.exe (Windows) or HelixGameServer (Linux) from Itch.

Finished! You can now proceed to the next steps to configure your HELIX server.