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Installing HELIX Studio and Unreal Engine

HELIX Studio is an Unreal Engine 5 plugin and the primary tool to create Worlds and Assets. Other versions of Unreal Engine are currently not supported.

💡Note: At the moment, Studio is only required if customs assets are required. At the moment is recommended to skip this guide and come back later if needed.
We are working on an installer for HELIX Studio so that you don’t have to manually download and move files between folders. This guide will be updated accordingly.

Users will need to download the Unreal Engine from within the Epic Games Launcher. If you don't have the Epic Games Launcher installed yet, you'll need to download it before proceeding

In EPIC Game Store install Unreal Engine 5.3.x

a. Select “Unreal Engine” on the left
b. Navigate to the Library Tab
c. Us the yellow “+” button to add a new Engine
d. Select Version 5.3.x by clicking on the version number drop down
e. Hit install and Select the desired location (We will use the default C:\Program Files\Epic Games)
f. Please wait unitl the install process finishes.

Install HELIX Studio Plugin

a. Download the HELIX Studio Plugin from the link here (~2.3 GB)
b. Locate the downloaded file in your Downloads folder and unzip it (we recommend downloading 7Zip for fast decompression)
c. Navigate to the unzipped folder.
d. Copy the Folders Templates and Engine
e. Navigate to the Unreal Engine 5.3.x installation location, in this tutorial it is C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.3
f. Paste the copied Folders. (In case you get asked whether you want to overwrite Files, chose “Yes to all”)

Install VS Code (Skip if you already have it installed)

a. Download the installer from VS Code website
b. During installation, make sure to select the “Add to PATH” option, otherwise HELIX Studio will be unable to open VS Code!

Launch into Unreal Engine for the first time

a. Chose “Launch” at Epic Games Store / Unreal Engine / Library / Unreal Engine 5.3.X
b. Install all prerequisites if prompted (e.g. .NET-Framework, etc)
c. Allow access in the Firewall if prompted.
d. Launching for the first time will take some time, since loads of shaders are compiled.
e. You should now see in Games the HELIX World Developer Kit

Ready, What’s next?

We’re now set and ready to create and build. We recommend to:

  1. Dive into Creating a World or
  2. Dive into Creating an Asset Pack